Wine Tasting and Snow

This weekend I went on a wine tasting trip in Burgundy (a nice break during my hellish weeks of deadlines) to the Lucien Jacob vineyard. When I signed up for this a few weeks ago, I imagined myself sitting outside in a warm breeze, sipping wine and watching the sunset over the rolling hills. Well, the weather decided to be schizophrenic and plummet to 6 degrees with rain, so our wine tasting was in the actual wine cellar. This turned out to be a beautiful setting where we ate delicious terrines and cheeses, with the owner giving us a taste of both white and red wine. We also tried raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrent liquers that were the perfect ending to the event.

We walked around the cute town of Beaune nearby and on the way back, drove through several kilometers of snow-covered trees and fields. Didn’t I break up with Canada because of spring snow? I hope I wont see it again until December.