Versailles and a frolicking donkey

After a little break from Versailles (for the Ten on Ten and Photo of the Month projects), here is part 2 of my trip to Versailles.

Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet (aka play farm)

Not only did Marie Antoinette like her privacy, but she also really liked to play dress-up. She actually built a little hamlet, complete with a barn, a dairy, a mill and a few other country buildings sprinkled around a lake. Apparently, she liked to dress up as a young shepherdess (without the unglamorous work of course) and live a simple “country” life in this little part of the Versailles estate.

The Gardens

The gardens of Versailles are enormous, so I was actually rushing around a lot trying to get from one place to another (the cobblestone doesn’t make things easier). One of the most famous parts of the garden is the Fountain of Apollo, which, to be honest, is not that impressive in person when the fountains are off (they only turn them on for a few hours a day). I also thought that it would be covered in bright, shiny gold, which wasn’t the case. I guess it was copper? It was sort of orange-green-reddish. So instead, here’s an illustration: