Ten on Ten: September

I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since my first Ten on Ten in August! This month’s version is pretty special to me since it shows just how my daily life has changed in such a short period of time. Last month, I started my Ten on Ten on a hot summer morning (ok, it was almost noon by the time I got up) in Grenoble. I took a leisurely stroll to the market, had lunch, hung out with my cat, took another walk in my neighbourhood and finished the day off with my tripod in the city center.

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early in my new apartment. I had a squishy metro ride on my way to work and after a very long day, I took a walk through the 2nd arrondissement to finally take some photos. I work on a really lively street where the restaurants and bars were full even on a Tuesday evening. The weather in Paris turned crisp (aka pretty cold) in a matter of days, so I was hoping that my stubborn commitment to the Ten on Ten wouldn’t result in a cold on the 11th.

9:15 am

Yes, I was a bit late getting out the door in the morning, but the nice thing about working a lot is that you can come in a bit late as well, when you realize that most of your clothes need extreme ironing.

I finally live in the city with the most iconic metro signs!