Ten on Ten: November

The last few weeks have been so busy and chaotic, that I almost forgot about the Ten on Ten. Luckily, I was taking photos that day anyway, since I was in Morocco for a long weekend. So this Ten on Ten is a bit of a sneak peak of my trip in Tifnit and Agadir (on the west coast of the country).

In case you’re new to the Ten on Ten idea, it was started by Rebekah and launched in French by French Lily (where you can see all the other Ten on Ten participants).

To fill you in, I went to Morocco for a work-related trip (the fun kind of work-related trip) and spent most of the time near the small town of Taroudant, just a few hours south of Marrakech. On Sunday, we drove for a few hours to see the the seaside village of Tifnit and then stopped by in Agadir for a fancy brunch.