Ten on Ten: August

I recently found out about a fun project called Ten On Ten, started by blogger French Lily, where you take ten photos on the tenth of the month (ideally spread out throughout the day). It’s meant to show “a day in the life of” and make you try to get interesting photos out of ordinary, everyday things. I tried to make this slightly more challenging by only using my 50mm lens. So, here is my first Ten On Ten:

10:51 am

(Photo at the top) I was on my way to Estacade market and since I was walking instead of wizzing by on a bike, I was able to notice the cool colours and shapes of the buildings a few blocks away from my apartment.

11:01 am

The Estacade market is really unique because it’s actually located right under a traintrack bridge. Every Tuesday through Sunday, the market is filled with fruits and veggie stands, as well as people selling meat, cheese, wine and even shoes.