Photo of the Month: December

This month’s theme has a bit of a sad irony for me. The bloggers from Les bonheurs d’Anne et Alex chose “Happiness” for the month of December. The obvious choice would be a photo of Christmas markets or holiday lights around Paris, but there was only one photo that I could choose this month. You’ve seen her on my blog a few times already – it’s Lola, who passed away on November 20th. She brought me so much happiness over the last three years.

Now, if you’ve never had a pet, you should probably just stop right here (it’s ok, I understand). As someone who never had a pet growing up (fish don’t count Mom and Dad!), I couldn’t really understand why everyone was so sad when a cat or dog or hamster passed away. I was never even a cat person to begin with! I always wanted a dog – either a Pomeranian (hilarious yapping ball of fluff) or a Chow Chow (giant lion/teddy bear).

In Montreal, a friend of mine had 2 (sometimes 3) cats at home and they were so much fun that it pushed me to getting one myself. I adopted Lola from the SPCA on January 3, 2011. She was very friendly, talkative and sweet. On a side note – while I do appreciate the work of the SPCA, what I do NOT appreciate was being told that I was adopting a 2 year old cat, when really she was 12. Not cool SPCA!

Aaaanyway, she was a great cat and lived to the ripe old age of 15. She got to travel, meet lots of different people (aka roommates) and eat fancy French (cat) food.

Oh, and where did she get her name? It’s because at the time, I loved this song:

I thought I was being sooooo original until I realized that Lola was the name of my friend’s dog and my roommates friend’s kid.

Rest in peace sweetheart.