Journées du Patrimoine

Two weekends ago was the Journées du Patrimoine, when there are hundreds of free activities across France. Not only are museums and other historical sites free, but a lot of private establishments create events for the public. It was a bit overwhelming to decide where to go that weekend, so I decided to take it easy and go to the first thing that caught my eye – the costume display/backstage peek at the Lido. I’ve never been to a cabaret show before, but now it’s definitely on my to-do list. The hall itself is made up of intimate tables (a show with dinner is around 200 euros) surrounding a stage. It’s actually much smaller than I thought, but I guess that makes for a better experience.

The costumes and props (giant elephant and horse heads) were on display on stage, with a water show every hour. We had a chance to walk through the fairly cramped backstage area and see even more costumes.