Florence and two Davids

My last two days in Italy were a little bit more low key because of an annoying flu, so I took barely any photos. Nevertheless, I still saw the statue of David (two of them) and the main sights of the city. Florence in March is quite chilly and gray, especially compared to Rome, so this is definitely a place that I’ll have to visit again in nicer weather.

We lived not too far away from the Piazza della Signoria, which is where the replica of the statue of David is standing (the original was moved because of fear of damage).

Right in the square is the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, both gorgeously decorated on the inside. The Uffizi Gallery has some of the most famous paintings in the world and they’ve recently added a really great new feature for the blind. Famous paintings are reproduced in 3D plaster molds so that they can be touched. I thought this was a really awesome idea and hopefully it’ll spread to other art galleries in the world.