Day trip to Annecy

In an effort to keep my sanity in tact while writing my thesis, I’ve been trying to make it a point to get out of the apartment at least once a day. Summer has finally started in Grenoble, which means that instead of complaining how cold it is, we’re all complaining about the heat. Luckily, the pretty little town of Annecy is only a few hours away, with a lake and a nice breeze, so I took a little time off to go there.

Since the main thing to do there is walk around and soak in the postcard-esque views, it’s not the type of place to go in the rain. Last time I went, it was pouring (thanks meteo France for telling me all day that it was sunny. It wasn’t). Seeing Annecy in the sunshine this time was completely different (and worth it). It was really night and day. The water in the lake and in the canals is literally turquoise. It doesn’t even look real! It’s like someone made a ton of fancy blue cocktails and poured them everywhere.