Photo of the Month: February

I almost didn’t post a photo for this month’s Photo of the Month, but then the theme just magically came together in my head. February’s theme (thankfully) did not involve any Valentine’s day mushiness. Instead, Renepaulhenry chose “Hot and Cold” for this month’s photo. While most people had great “cold” photos like this one, I am finally living in a city where there hasn’t been a snowflake in sight. So I chose the “hot” aspect of the theme. Ok, bear with me, the above photo represents “hot” because I took it this winter while walking around Paris. It’s been so “hot” here that I can actually go outside and enjoy a walk around the city without cursing icy winds, slippery/unshoveled sidewalks or salty slush ruining my shoes. Also, I don’t even have to wear gloves here, so my hands are free to take pictures.

And here are the rest of the participants this month: