Lazy Saturday (at New Apartment)

After two weekends of running around to IKEA and constantly underestimating how much I could carry, I finally had some time to relax today. I moved into this apartment a month ago and now it’s finally furnished and decorated (well, almost). It also took a month to get a new shower, curtains and lighting, so I can use all the rooms in the apartment now (day OR night), so I still feel like I just moved in.

I’ve been really getting inspired by Norwegian decorating blogs (which really make me want to move to Norway except when I remember the cold). If you’re curious, here are a few of my favourites: SignePling, Elisabeth Heier, and FruFly.

Since I live in Paris, where the sun refuses to shine, I’ve created a fairly white colour scheme for my apartment to make it brighter (I also live in a small alley, where if I press my face up against the window and look up, I can see a small sliver of sky. As you can guess, there’s not much sunlight coming in either).

So here are a few shots of my new apartment: