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Chateau Vizille

December 4, 2012 Lisa 1

Oops! Almost forgot to post this one. It was only a few weeks ago, but seems like much longer with the huge change in weather the last few days. I was convinced that the sunny weather wouldn’t last too long, so when I woke up a few Saturdays ago and saw sunshine, I ran …

Fall in Grenoble

November 20, 2012 Lisa 0

With all the cold, dark, damp weather we’ve had here for the last few weeks, it’s been hard to appreciate fall in Grenoble. While there aren’t any fiery red leaves that I’m used to (they’re more of a burnt out brown here), the nature is still ver …

Finally a Sunny Day

November 14, 2012 Lisa 1

I love Grenoble but what I do miss about Canada are the beautiful fall colours and sunshine. The last few weeks we’ve had rain, fog, rain, fog, some snow and clouds. It’s been pretty warm, but the wind and rain make going outside a miserable experience. Luckily, w …

Grenoble in Black and White

October 29, 2012 Lisa 0

When walking around the city center, it’s really important to do one thing: look up. While most of the buildings are lined with large-windowed shops on the ground floor, the subsequent floors are beautifully decorated with ornaments in different styles. After fiddling a …

Shutters, stylish six-year olds and more random things about Grenoble

October 14, 2012 Lisa 0

Before moving to Grenoble, I had certain expectations, both good and bad, that I inadvertently picked up from speaking with different people about life in France: amazing food and wine, lots of red tape, super fashionable people, coldness to strangers, beautiful art/history/a …

Kiwis and Snow

October 11, 2012 Lisa 0

So far, autumn in Grenoble has been awesome! The weather is still pretty warm and not too rainy. For a few days in September it got unseasonably cold, enough so that there was snow on the peaks of the mountains. It was very picturesque and a nice preview of what winter will l …

Phantom Feet

October 7, 2012 Lisa 0

While I was waiting for the train in Lyon, I took some ghost-like photos (first one was an accident, then I just couldn’t stop!)   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

From the Crypt

October 6, 2012 Lisa 0

There seems to be a theme in this part of France…roman ruins. It’s been kind of like walking around and being surprised that everyone is wearing green; until you realize that it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. So now I’m getting a bit used to seeing ancie …

La Bastille and Bubbles!

September 16, 2012 Lisa 1

This Saturday I finally visited the most famous site of Grenoble – the Bastille. The one you’re probably thinking of is in Paris, but there’s one at the top of the mountain here too. In fact, the word bastille just means a medieval fortress. To get there, yo …

First days in Grenoble

September 9, 2012 Lisa 0

After a 14 hour trip (with a cat!) from Ottawa to Montreal to Geneva, I’ve finally made it to Grenoble. We arrived at the bus station around 3:30 pm and took a taxi to our apart-hotel where we’ll be living for one month while I find a permanent apartment. The chee …