Journées du Patrimoine

September 26, 2013 Lisa 0

Two weekends ago was the Journées du Patrimoine, when there are hundreds of free activities across France. Not only are museums and other historical sites free, but a lot of private establishments create events for the public. It was a bit overwhelming to decide where to go …

Nothing but blue skies

September 18, 2013 Lisa 0

These photos are a bit out of order, since I took them the first weekend that I moved to Paris (before the Ten on Ten and Photo of the Month), but I didn’t have time to post them until now. My first weekend in Paris was fairly hectic because I was rushing around buying …

Photo of the Month: September

September 15, 2013 Lisa 25

Here’s another photo project that I found out about recently. Every 15th of the month, you take a photo on a predetermined theme and post it at 12pm Paris time. Normally the topics require you to take a brand new photo based on your interpretation, but this month they m …

Ten on Ten: September

September 11, 2013 Lisa 13

I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since my first Ten on Ten in August! This month’s version is pretty special to me since it shows just how my daily life has changed in such a short period of time. Last month, I started my Ten on Ten on a hot summer …

in Paris?

September 2, 2013 Lisa 4

I’m not sure if that should be the new blog name (nah, too much effort to change it) because guess who’s moved to Paris? Me!!!!! And yes, I reused the photo from a previous post, but since the last few weeks have been a non-stop marathon, I think I’m allowed …

Grenoble Slices

August 27, 2013 Lisa 13

I thought it could be fun to go to the city center and take some photos of the city throughout the day (ok, it was really just in the evening) and try to put them together in an unusual way. The photo above is overlooking the Isère river and Pont Saint Laurent. The photo bel …

Ten on Ten: August

August 11, 2013 Lisa 26

I recently found out about a fun project called Ten On Ten, started by blogger French Lily, where you take ten photos on the tenth of the month (ideally spread out throughout the day). It’s meant to show “a day in the life of” and make you try to get interes …

Camp, my favourite place in Ireland

July 31, 2013 Lisa 14

Well, I saved the best for last. Even though Camp is a small village in Ireland, it was definitely my favourite place. Not only did it have gorgeous rolling hills, but there was also a beautiful beach a kilometer away. Actually, this is where I was staying at my friend’ …


July 30, 2013 Lisa 5

We took a quick little day trip to Killarney for a walk around the lakes. We had moody clouds, stunning views and an amazing late lunch at the Europe Hotel, which overlooked the lakes (last photo). Next town: my favourite – Camp, Ireland.

Dingle and a dolphin

July 30, 2013 Lisa 6

After a couple of days in Dublin, we took the train across the country (a whole 4 hours) to the ring of Kerry on the west coast. I know that Dublin is that capital, but I think that to really appreciate Ireland, you need to explore outside of the city. I stayed at my friend&# …