September 29, 2012

Food Photography Class. At last!

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Despite a cold and rainy morning, I hauled myself out of bed for a class that I’ve been really looking forward to for a month. Et Toque! is a great little place that offers all types of cooking classes, but today they had something that was more down my alley: a food photography workshop! For six fabulous hours, pro photographer Aurelie Laurette gave us a fairly detailed overview on setup, styling and photography.

Food photography class setup

My setup: ooooh fancy!


Food photography class et toque

The Et Toque! workshop space. Huge kitchen with every kind of cooking tool you can imagine.

She brought an army of bowls, cutlery, napkins, and other kitchen items for our pictures. After going over the basics, we had a little lunch break (we barely noticed the owner/chef whipping up lunch behind us). Being from Canada, when I see “lunch included” on workshop agendas, I assume it’s sandwiches from the nearest fast food place. Holy moly was I wrong! We were treated to an amazing 3 course meal (no photos were taken…I actually wanted to eat my food while it was still hot).

Then it was our turn to put on our chef’s hats and quickly make a dish to photograph. Everyone was a pro in the kitchen…except for me. For those of you who are familiar with my (nonexistent) cooking abilities, you’ll be surprised to find out that I actually cooked three little tartelettes from scratch! Other than the egg white/egg yolk mixup and runaway crème anglaise, it went pretty smoothly.

As for the actual pictures, we were encouraged to try different styles. So I went from the soft “tea party” look to a dramatic, formal setup and finally to a nice little closeup. Et voila!

Food photography class tartelette


Food photography class tartelette


Food photography class tartelette


Food photography tartelette

These are really far from perfect, but I’m still happy with the turnout. I had a great time at the class, especially with all the warm and talented people all around.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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