One bouquet, seven styles

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I recently did a guest post on the for her photography section. My topic was shooting different styles for one subject and you can read the article here. I had so much fun doing it and really liked the photos, so I thought I would share them on my blog (but don’t forget to read the full article!). Lisa

Louvre Pyramid at Dusk

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The Louvre Pyramid at dusk

My work is located a short walk from the Louvre (actually, so is pretty much all of downtown Paris). With all the craziness of work and school (aka never-ending thesis), it’s been easy to just rush from work to home and forget about what an awesome city I live in. The weather was pretty nice a week ago (it’s gone…

Instagram Addict

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Top Instagram Photographers

Well, it’s official, Instagram has replaced my severe Nutella addiction. At first it was just a fun way to take photos and follow my friends who had moved abroad, but now it’s pushed me to try to be more creative every day. Even though it’s known for vintage-tinted coffee and selfie photos, Instagram is actually a great place to find…

Photo of the Month: March

Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month March

A little bit under the wire, but I finally found my photo for this month’s theme: “What is your madeleine de Proust?” chosen by J’adore J’adhere. I actually though this was some sort of food photography theme (madeleines are a French biscuit-type thing), but after looking it up, the expression “madeleine de Proust” is about nostalgia. In Proust’s story, the…

Ten on Ten: March

Ten on Ten

Ten on Ten

Well, here is another month of Ten on Ten photos that are a mish mash of styles (don’t worry – I’ve made a mental note that I should try to plan out my Ten on Ten day in the future). I guess it’s reflecting the hectic mish mash that is my life right now – work full time, thesis part…

Paris in Black and White

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Pompidou Centre

Last weekend I went to see the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit at the Pompidou Center (which looks cool from the outside but reminds me of a movie theatre lobby on the inside). I’m going to go off on a quick tangent about this guy – he was born in 1908 and died in 2004. He lived for almost 100 years and…